Another score for the Home team! I have Amex Lowe's Rewards- 25k I have Amex Amazon (non-prime)- 21k ....was just approved for BBC- 14k YIPPEE! This is my highest sl with Amex to date. You know what else? This is my first sp from Amex. I have 4 hp's from 2 biz and 2 personal. But :naughty: ...not today. So I'm going to re-allocate funds and perhaps close out a card or two when it arrives Monday. SUB is $500/$5k spend/6 months DP's: * Exp 733 (note- 720's with all my other amex approvals) * 1- 30 day late from 2016, reflected on a closed acct. * 9 inquiries on Exp. * Idk, 4 new tl's on personal, 2 on biz for 2021 * Biz history dating back to 1994 with D&B and 1992 with Exp. Biz. They both have an "A" score according to Nav and an 93 according to Exp. Biz. * History with Amex 9/2019

Re: Amex Blue Business Cash

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Tue Dec 07, 2021 5:22 pm
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